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Great Value, High-Quality Regency Fireplaces

A fireplace can be the perfect addition to any interior. They illuminate any room, create improved ambiance and comfortable heat, and reflect unique style through customized design elements and functions. At Kent Oil & Propane Co, we offer all our clients a broad range of top-tier fireplace installations as an authorized dealer for Regency. Our onsite showroom offers an incredible fireplace selection, complete with varied fuel options, and staffed with trained associates who will give you the proper guidance. We are happy to answer all your questions, go over price points, and match your specific requests with the suitable model for your home or business.


A Full Range of Fireplace Options

Kent Oil & Propane Co. offers a wide selection of Regency fireplaces that will match any design aesthetic. Collaborating with our specialized sales personnel, you can find the fireplace insert that fits perfectly with your interior and we offer expert installation services for a one-stop-shop experience. Regency’s top-rated fireplace choices include:


Gas fireplaces give you everything you want – light, heat, atmosphere, and energy conservation – at the push of a button. With a gas fireplace, there is no ash to clean nor wood to stockpile. With a simple connection to your home’s gas line, you get a consistent, comfortable fire that creates the ideal warmth and aesthetics for any space.


Wood fireplaces are a time-honored choice. Though there is more preparation work to get your fire roaring, the payoff is worth the wait. Wood fires give you natural flames and an undeniably rustic appeal. The heady smell from burning wood is incredibly attractive to guests and loved ones, and the customized features and stonework you can add to your wood fireplace can make it all your own.


Pellet stoves are a modern take on the classic wood fireplace. Instead of chopping and splitting your own fuel, a pellet stove uses a sophisticated system to feed the flames automatically. Pellet stoves combine the alluring look and aroma of a wood fire with today’s advanced technology to give you superior convenience, comfort, heat, and style.


Electric stoves are among the most low-cost, low-maintenance models available for your interior. They are proven to last longer than other fireplace installations, offer myriad design choices, easy installation, and unparalleled safety. Simply plug your electric fireplace into your outlet and enjoy the warming glow for hours with no fumes, soot, ash, or effort.

You Choose, We Deliver