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Your Trusted Commercial Fuel and Propane Partner

Camden companies rely on propane and fuel solutions from Kent Oil & Propane Co to service their businesses. From commercial gasoline or diesel selections to industrial-grade propane heaters, local businesses know that no other company offers top-tier products, reliable service, and affordable prices our company does. More than just our fuel resources and experience working with commercial clients, our technicians have the right training to meet the needs of the modern enterprise. We focus on efficient installations and on-time deliveries to keep your operations running and provide expert repairs and maintenance for all your fuel systems. We strive for the best service experience possible so you can focus on your important day-to-day operations and your bottom line. Whatever size of your business, make Kent Oil & Propane Co. your trusted partner for commercial-grade propane and fuel services, and let us help you get the job done.


Why Choose Kent Oil & Propane to Fuel My Business?

With years of experience in the fuel industry, we are familiar with the local business need for day-to-day energy operations. We offer same and next-day fuel delivery and our licensed technicians are familiar with complex commercial tank installation and maintenance. We also offer a site survey and expert evaluation to help your business transition or maintain the fuel solution that best fits your need.

Improved Savings

Propane is the most economical fuel there is. Versatile and low-maintenance, it makes the perfect choice for large warehouses, factories, and high-efficiency construction projects of all kinds. Propane will cost you less to transport, use, and store over the lifespan of your business too.

Safe Usage

Propane has no toxic emissions. This makes it the fuel of choice for forklift operators, welders using propane torches, and other commercial technicians looking to maintain optimal safety during their project.

Indefinite Shelf Life

Unlike gasoline, propane does not deteriorate over time or harden like diesel fuel in winter. It can be stored almost anywhere for any length of time and used to provide peak performance, even after long durations of inactivity, to fuel commercial generators and other equipment.

Environmental Conservation

Propane is now being used to produce cleaner, more efficient autogas in the automotive industry. This innovation helps vehicles run cleaner, better, and longer with less overall impact on the environment.

Contact Kent Oil & Propane Co for All Your Fuel Oil Needs

Having a company you can trust for all your fuel oil needs and services is invaluable, especially during a bitter northeast winter. Contact Kent Oil & Propane Co for your free delivery, installation, or service evaluation and get the fast, local, family-owned services you deserve for your home or business. Let Kent Oil & Propane Co be there for you when it matters most.

You Choose, We Deliver