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A Friend to Farmers With the Right Fuel Resources

Like Kent Oil & Propane Co, propane fuel is a farmer’s best friend. There are just so many advantages to using propane for agricultural operations that using anything else amounts to lost efficiency. Propane doesn’t degrade over time, so it is ever ready for use. It also does not contaminate the soil if spilled like gasoline or diesel fuel, making it much safer overall. Most importantly, propane can fuel portable power equipment, such as generators, to give you the capabilities you need to get work done, day or night, at any site.

At Kent Oil & Propane Co, we offer the fuel resources and services our agricultural customers need. From propane and fuel delivery to total system installation, we help farmers grow their operations and their crops with fast, friendly, comprehensive assistance that does more.


Fuel Benefits for Farmers

If you’re in the agricultural industry, opting to work with Kent Oil & Propane Co gives you distinct advantages that help your operations. Not only do we personalize every experience with you, providing the comprehensive service, equipment, and fuel you need, our company provides additional benefits for your farming operations, helping you focus on what is important:

Reliable Fuel Resources Power

Whether you’re looking to heat your facility’s interior with storage tanks or stock up on dependable fuel for emergencies, Kent Oil & Propane Co has the propane resources for you to make it through. When power lines go down, propane can be there to power your appliances, keep up production, and protect your crops. It is better for the environment than gasoline and less expensive as well.

Discounts on Fuel Delivery

Farmers and agricultural operations rely on more fuel than residential customers. That is why we offer special high-volume discounts for our agricultural clients, as well as bulk delivery and affordable payment plans. Kent Oil & Propane Co can also help you learn about the incentives (up to $5000 towards propane farm equipment) offered by the Propane Farm Incentive Plan.

Dedicated Fuel Experts

When we work with you, your agricultural operations are our top priority. You get a dedicated trained fuel specialist who will come to your farm or facilities and assess your unique needs. Once your personalized assessment is complete, we tailor your fuel deliveries, installations, and services to ensure you only pay for what you need and never overcharge you for what you don’t.

Contact Kent Oil & Propane Co for Your Agricultural Needs

Don’t give up on a great crop for lack of fuel. When you need propane to fuel your farming operations, let Kent Oil & Propane Co be there with the resources and services to see you through to the harvest. Contact us today to schedule your personalized fuel assistance estimate.

You Choose, We Deliver